My Services


As a Professional Organizer I will help you get and stay organized.  I will bring enthusiasm, creativity and non-judgmental support to the task of helping you get organized.  I will design and teach you how to use systems and processes to get and keep you organized. The systems will match your specific needs, work style and temperament. And, if desired, I will provide follow up coaching and inspiration. 


I can help you with:


        Office Organization


        Residential Organization


        Paper & Information Management


        Time Management


        Space Design & Layout


        Clutter Control


        Training Seminars & Workshops


        Public Speaking


        Special Projects




I design and conduct workshops for other Professional Organizers, corporations, small businesses, and the general public.  I teach organizing skills to the general public through community adult education programs.


I also speak to professional, service and corporate groups about organizing and organizing techniques.


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Rhonda Elliott

Pleasanton, CA 94566